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Post Discovery

We have deep experience in helping our clients move forward from the discovery phase of product development.

PCI is a fully integrated Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturer and custom synthesis supplier. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you develop your final API or chemical product. We can provide you with expertise in process research, process development, analytical development, process validation, regulatory support, and FDA filing.

Today, PCI has numerous API and other advanced materials products in its pipeline, including generics and new chemical entities (NCEs). We will continue to launch and/or commercialize multiple APIs across such therapeutic classes as anti-arrhythmic, anti-viral, anti-infective, and anti-depressant products. Typically, the API products we manufacture feature multi-step synthetic processing, and are produced in volumes ranging from tens or hundreds of kilograms to metric tons.

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We understand that strong business relationships with our clients are what make us so different from other contract manufacturing organizations.

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Many of our chemical products are available immediately. We can also custom-produce them for you.

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