Client Testimonials

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I was very impressed with your team and the culture that you have built.  I found everyone to be responsive, open and cooperative.  In particular, I would like to thank Dave and Jennifer, who had to stay until midnight two times in order to keep the process on track.  The core values that you have posted around you plant are in use every day.  Congratulations and thank you.

They are very responsive and communicate honestly and openly. They listen to clients and are not arrogant. They discuss issues and collaborate and then find a solution when there is a problem. They fix their mistakes . Seqens has been very honest and transparent. They don’t BS about deadlines. I as a customer can fix things with my own customers as long as I know what’s going on

Seqens’s strength is that they are flexible and modify behavior to match the problem. Face to face meetings are important because these are complex issues. Working with Seqens has been highly collaborative. On-time, great quality, and they drive the price down when they scale-up. I would not consider a 40% discount from another vendor, because Seqens has earned my loyalty. Most other companies I would drop in a second.

Your Seqens R&D Team and company have done an exceptional job for us. The collaboration and the communication have been perfect. Everyone in our group is pleased and complementary to the integration.

Dear Seqens Friends. I want to thank you for your contribution to our Program. It has been a great collaboration and team effort and everyone at Seqens worked hard to deliver on time!!!!!

Seqens really came through for us at a moment’s notice, and delivered a huge batch on the first try. We will definitely work with Seqens again when the opportunity arises, and we will definitely recommend them to others.

Technically, they are very, very competent. They make the right things and they do it right. They’re always thinking about proactive suggestions that lead to better solutions. They don’t just take notes and implement what the client wants. They come back to us with better solutions