Advanced Materials

Seqens's client base goes beyond healthcare.

Our unique location, asset base, and multi-faceted organization have made it a perfect partner for emerging and startup/early stage organizations with new technologies.

We have worked with dozens of startups to help them commercialize new technologies in diverse fields such as electronics, advanced coatings, diagnostics, and alternative energy. Many of these organizations have looked to Seqens to help them scale up and further develop their processes. Ultimately, Seqens has provided trial quantities of the materials these organizations have needed for further development or proof-of-concept work. We have also acted as an outsourcing partner to help these early stage entities reach their next funding milestones.

We invite you to explore how you can put the technical expertise and development capabilities of Seqens to help take your technology to the next level. With our seamless technology transfer process, we can serve as a ready extension of your own in-house R&D capabilities.