Process Engineer


General Description:  The Process Engineer is primarily responsible for developing processing instructions for plant operators (mostly batch records).  These are the instructions used by the plant personnel to produce products in the plant.  This involves gathering information from Research, Marketing, Safety, and Quality groups and then interpreting and organizing the information into a standard format for operators to use.  Secondarily responsible for troubleshooting processing problems in the plant on batch processes being executed.  Problems discovered in these processes should be corrected for future use by revising the batch records in a timely manner.  Develop cost reduction options for existing processes to reduce production costs in order to improve plant performance and maintain product viability.  The process engineer should also be able to carry out projects in the plant with maintenance and contract personnel.  This includes specifying equipment, piping, and controls and developing plans to install, startup, and operate the equipment.


Summary of Major Responsibilities:  Process Engineer position exists to insure that day to day operations function smoothly in order to obtain maximum potential from the workforce.  As such, the process engineer should be able to:


  • Prepare batch records in a timely fashion.
  • Schedule batch record review meetings.
  • Train operators on new batch records.
  • Check for major processing problems with batches.
  • Develop corrective measures for the problems.
  • Develop cost reduction options for existing processes.
  • Develop process equipment changes for plant equipment.
  • Design, plan, and coordinate execution of those plans.
  • Develop startup plans for new equipment.
  • Prepare SOPs for the same.
  • Train operators on the use of new equipment.
  • Ability to prepare plans for batch execution including notifying Essential Functions: (Include but not limited to R&D, QC, QA and Sales & Marketing).
  • Ability to efficiently use computer software (Macola, Word, Excel, Visio, AutoCAD).
  • Understanding of chemical kinetics.
  • Ability to prepare plans for batch execution including notifying purchasing/warehouse of material needs and ensuring either that they are ready when needed or notification is given to line personnel of their status.
  • Ability to envision system requirements rather than using just what we have.
  • Ability to plan, construct, startup and operate new plant equipment when needed.


Secondary Functions:

  • Perform cross functional audits of other company departments to assist these departments
  • Assist in the development of SOPs and work instructions.
  • Act as back up to Director of Engineering when required.
  • Other duties as required.


Skills/Experience Needed:

  • Chemical Engineering background
  • Advanced computer skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Current knowledge of equipment and systems available for use in the plant acquired through trade shows, vendor interviews, plant tours etc.


Personal Characteristics:

  • Self starter who is capable of working independently.
  • Task oriented and able to prioritize multiple objectives.
  • Ability to communicate in a clear, concise manner.
  • Quality and customer service oriented.
  • Safety conscious.


Process Engineer Metrics:

  • Deviation count on batch records.
  • Cost reduction for existing processes