PCI Synthesis celebrates 20th year with new achievements

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Posted: March 12, 2018

API Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Newburyport pharmaceutical manufacturer PCI Synthesis, which operates a manufacturing facility in Devens, announced last wee it has achieved double-digit growth for the fourth consecutive year. That growth includes hitting new milestones and entering into new markets in the start of 2018, which marks the company’s 20th anniversary. Ed Price, president of PCI Synthesis, took part in a Q&A session with the Worcester Business Journal to talk about the company’s recent success.

Congratulations on the company’s 20th anniversary and recent success. What has led to that growth?

Over the last few years, we’ve received a number of commercial approvals, which has increased the number of chemical products we can sell directly. Additionally, our manufacturing and development services have become an ever increasing demand in the local biotech community. The industry has recognized the quality of our work; we’ve won 24 CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) Leadership Awards from Life Science Leader magazine. In fact, last year, we won the “Top Performer” designation in all 14 categories last year – the only CMO to do so last year. Last year we closed our fourth consecutive year of double-digit growth.

What new products are driving that growth?

Increased demand for pharmaceutical development outsourcing services. We’ve added 40 new customers and expanded into new offerings such as manufacturing for nutraceuticals and pharma foods, large-scale cryogenic manufacturing, large-scale chromatography, controlled substance development, and medical-grade polymers.

The company has a facility in Devens, but is based in Newburyport, so we’re not too familiar with PCI Synthesis. What does the company produce?

PCI Synthesis operates in two main verticals: We are an outsourcing partner for biotech and biopharmaceutical companies and we are also a commercial manufacturer with active pharmaceutical ingredients. Over the last few years, we received a number of commercial approvals and our manufacturing and development services have become an ever increasing demand in the local biotech community.

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