SEQENS North America Wins Big at 2019 Life Science Leader Magazine CMO Leadership Awards

Wins “Top Performer” in 12 categories

Newburyport, Mass., March 25, 2019 – SEQENS North America (formerly Seqens, Inc.), a pharmaceutical manufacturer of new chemical entities (NCEs), generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and other specialty chemical products, announced that it has won six additional 2019 Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Awards that were handed out at the awards dinner held during DCAT Week in New York City.

In addition to awards for Quality, Capabilities, Compatibility, Expertise, Reliability, and Service across all three groups of respondents Big Pharma, Small Pharma and Overall (combined Big and Small Pharma), SEQENS also was recognized for its work across the following Specialty Award categories: Accessible Senior Management, Innovation, Reputation, Right First Time, State-of-the-Art and Strength of Science.

The Specialty Awards categories were established because Life Science Leader readers referred to these attributes as being the most important “intangibles” to the industry.

In total, the company won 12 awards this year for a total of 36 starting from 2013, when the CMO Leadership Awards were first presented. For the 2019 CMO Leadership Awards, Life Science Leader magazine teamed up with Industry Standard Research (ISR) to determine the award recipients. More than 120 contract manufacturers were assessed by 23 performance metrics in ISR’s annual Contract Manufacturing Quality Benchmarking survey. 

“Over the years, we’ve found that the intangibles are important to our sponsors. We pay particular attention to making sure our senior management team is accessible to each and every sponsor. The way we operate, a sponsor’s size doesn’t matter. Whether big or small, whether a single molecule startup or a multinational with a deep drug development pipeline, all drug developers want their project to be a priority. Meeting timelines is critically important, as it impacts costs and initiation of planned clinical trials,” said Ed Price, president and CEO of SEQENS North America. “Winning all these awards validates our approach, our people, training and equipment, and continues to be gratifying to see that being recognized by the industry.”

About SEQENS North America

SEQENS North America (formerly Seqens Synthesis) is a Pharmaceutical Development CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) based in Newburyport, Mass., a division of SEQENS, an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients with 24 manufacturing sites and 3 R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia.

SEQENS North America is also a commercial manufacturer of new chemical entities (NCEs), generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and other specialty chemical products for the medical device industry. As a CDMO, SEQENS North America provides emerging and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies access to the expertise needed to develop and manufacture complex small molecules. To learn more about SEQENS North America, its proprietary NCE development activities and process R&D capabilities please visit

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Linda Pendergast-Savage
Birnbach Communications