Seqens North America’s High-Purity Phosphonic Acids Are a Key

Ingredient in Quantum Dots as Electronics, Medical Applications Grow

Posted: September 14, 2020

API Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Seqens North America, a CDMO, is best known for its deep expertise in developing and manufacturing custom NCEs, generic active APIs, and complex specialty ingredients such as synthetic azelaic acid, largely for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.  However, our 20+ years of experience in chemical manufacturing reaches deeper and includes other industries—including electronics.

For nearly a decade we have been producing and supplying phosphonic acids to labs, academic institutions and researchers the world over for use in electronics applications, although they are being used more and more in emerging medical applications.  In both industries our phosphonic acids are used primarily in the manufacture of quantum dots, which are small, man-made semiconductor nanoparticles that can be sized and modified for different purposes. Essentially, quantum dots have unique electronic and fluorescent characteristics, and they can concentrate light and transport electrons. That and their small size makes them useful in a growing number of electronic and medical applications.


These are among the wide-ranging number of applications for which these nanoparticles can be used:

  • As active materials in single-electron transistors.
  • In catalysis
  • In photonics
  • In information storage
  • In imaging
  • In medicine
  • In optical probes
  • In surfactants
  • In next-generation QLED TVs and displays, with greater color clarity, longer lifetime, lower manufacturing cost, and lower power consumption than OLED displays
  • In lighting systems
  • In biological labeling
  • In solar cells

Solar energy case example

Using the phosphonic acids we manufactured for them, one solar energy customer found a new way to capture and store solar energy more efficiently, nearly tripling the rate of conversion of sunshine to energy.  That process had been difficult to improve due to the materials used, namely silica and other metals used to capture the sun’s energy.  Quantum dots enabled the company to develop a new, far more efficient type of solar collection system. 

Ready availability of phosphonic acids

Seqens North America, utilizing sophisticated analytical tools, has developed processes that produce phosphonic acids at very high purity, with low metals content.  Our phosphonic product line includes these seven products:

  • n-Dodecylphosphonic acid (DDPA)
  • n-Tetradecylphosphonic acid (TDPA
  • n-Octylphosphonic acid (OPA)
  • n-Octadecylphosphonic acid (ODPA)
  • n-Hexylphosphonic acid (HPA)
  • n-Hexadecylphosphonic acid (HDPA)
  • n-Decylphosphonic acid (DPA)

With our capacity to manufacture 100s of Kg of phosphonic acid we are able to meet needs quickly.  More than 200 labs and cutting-edge high-tech companies in South Korea, Japan, Europe, Israel and elsewhere rely on Seqens North America to supply them with this material for their quantum dots.  We maintain large batches and can readily supply labs as needed in 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g quantities. Metric ton quantities are also available on request. 

We’ve been manufacturing phosphonic acids, used in a wide variety of commercial and research applications since 2013. You can learn more about that here. We also discuss “Delivering Advanced Materials: All in A Day’s Work for Today’s CDMO,” offering five things to look for in an advanced materials supplier.  To learn more about the specific phosphonic acids we manufacture, please visit here. Or call us at (978) 462-5555.