The trend now is for pharmaceutical companies to forego the expensive, time consuming and risky transfer process

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today Panel Discussion on: Custom Synthesis & Contract Manufacturing

Posted: September 26, 2018

API Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today presents a Panel Discussion on Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing. This topic is of particular interest to our readers and we have testimony of this because of the high number of companies that showed the willingness to participate to this discussion around a virtual table.

Among others, panelists treated important topics like the partner selection process in the API manufacturing sector and the “must to have” for a CRO/CDMO to be the right partner for a pharmaceutical company; furthermore the CDMOS evolution process that are transforming them in product partners and the main trends in late stage clinical and commercial scale API manufacturing.


About the Author

Ed Price CEO of PCI Synthesis
Ed is President & CEO of SEQENS North America (formerly PCI Synthesis). He serves as a co-chair of the New England CRO/CMO Council and sits on the Industrial Advisory Board for the Department of Chemical Engineering at UMass, Amherst. Ed is also a long standing member of the American Chemical Society and advises the Bulk Pharmaceutical Task Force of the Society of Chemical Manufacturer’s and Affiliates (SOCMA)...

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